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The Gymnastics module is our feature module this month! Gymnastics is a popular sport for children and adolescents. Within the sport there are a number of disciplines, with each explained clearly in the module, along with the requirements for each sport. The range of common injuries and conditions to be aware of are discussed. 

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Dr Kathy Yu

Kathy has been working with gymnasts for 35 years, starting as a coach and working up to CMO of Gymnastics Australia since 2015. She is the Consultant doctor for the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) and manages workcover injuries for a number of Performing Arts companies and Musical Theatre Productions.


I’d like you to meet “AP” a 12 year old competitive female gymnast. AP usually trains 16 hours per week, over 5 sessions at the gym. She is aiming to compete at the National Championships at level 8 in the National stream (she is not in the International/elite stream). Her coach is a 19 year old level 10 gymnast, who has completed her GA nationally recognized coaching course. 

 AP has been training at home during the COVID lockdowns. She has 4 x 2 hour sessions over Zoom during the week. The activities consist of conditioning and stretching, handstands, plyometrics, and dance. AP has stuck a line onto the carpet of her living room to practice beam, and she has a 5m airmat in the backyard for tumbling. She presents to you with right (dominant) elbow clicking. 

The clicking started a month ago and initially was only noticeable during pushups, but is now causing some problems with weight bearing and hanging. She intermittently gets a locking sensation which is relieved by shaking the elbow. AP describes a discomfort in the elbow, but not pain. Her coach noticed (over the video) that she does not fully straighten the elbow during her activities.

Case written by Dr Kathy Yu



A Magnetic Resonance Imaging–Based Staging System for Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Elbow: A Validation Study Against the International Cartilage Repair Society Classification (2018)


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