The swimming module is a broad sweep of the structure and types of swimming competitions, the various strokes, starts and rules. It outlines the common injuries found in swimming athletes, particularly related to the various strokes, along with technique issues contributing to the injury. Medical conditions commonly experienced by swimmers are also considered. The module discusses the typical scheduling of swimming meets, and the standard training regimes of elite swimmers throughout the training year. There is reference to managing time and training during the competition period.

The content experts are both experienced national and international level sport and exercise physicians, caring for elite swimming teams for many years. Dr Harris was an Olympic swimmer, so the experience she provides via the audio is invaluable to the learner. The team at SEM Academy sincerely hope you enjoy this informative and interactive learning module.

Written by: Dr Jeni Saunders & Dr Rachel Harris

With thanks to: Dr Diana Robinson

Release date: 12 June 2023

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