'Protection' Neurobiology - A Key Piece of the Pain Puzzle

The statistical trajectory of persistent pain is of great concern and musculoskeletal pain is highly represented in the data*. There are considerable clinical and fiscal implications which are attracting broadening recognition, including by funding entities, and these are also reflected in contemporary, evidenced guidelines.

This module aims to explore this problem and possible management pathway solutions in terms of:

  1. solidifying a foundation understanding of the important background neurobiology,
  2. reflecting on the models of care in play,
  3. considering the alignment of all this with fundamental sports & exercise medicine principles and expertise.

*High Price of Pain (Access Economics & MBF, 2007), and The cost of pain in Australia (Deloites for Pain Australia 2019).

Written by: Dr Kal Fried

With thanks to: Assoc Prof David Butler, Prof Lorimer Moseley & Dr Diana Robinson

Release date: 27 March 2020

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