Organisational Management and Ethical Issues in Team Care

Organisational Management and Ethics in Team Care is a topic that is less thoroughly examined than the clinical aspects of team care, but no less important.
This course addresses one’s motivation to be a team physician, the professionalism that is required in the role as well as advice around contractual arrangements. This includes operational duties, time commitment, reporting structures and financial considerations.  
There are sections on understanding the sport in which you are involved, the individual and commercial impacts of injury in professional sport and various types of management systems within the performance team. 
Ethics, team culture and aspects of leadership are examined, with an opportunity for the learner to reflect on what type of leadership style they exhibit. Leadership skills are discussed including how skills can be improved by self-awareness, the ability to contemplate your behaviour and its consequences, and the ability to learn from the experience. 
Finally, the module examines personal self-care as a physician, and the importance of colleagues and mentors to provide personal and professional support.  Resources are available on the module to assist with one’s leadership journey.

Written by: Dr John Best

With thanks to: Associate Professor Megan Best and Adjunct Associate Professor Diana Robinson AM

Release date: 28 April 2024

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