Equipment in Para-Sport

The Equipment in Para-Sport module is a comprehensive guide to the equipment used by athletes with an impairment in their sporting activity, as well as with normal daily activity and whilst travelling. There is a broad discussion regarding wheelchairs, including electric, day chairs and sporting chairs, the importance of posture for injury prevention and performance and the various types of wheelchairs for different sports. Prostheses for athletes with limb deficiencies and amputations are explored, and osseointegration procedures are discussed. The various advantages and disadvantages of sporting prostheses are examined and optimal stump care is described. The module goes on to demonstrate various types of adapted equipment for sports such as skiing, rowing and for throwing athletes. There is a strong emphasis on the use of correct language for this group of athletes and the module is supported with excellent video, photos and graphics.

Written by: Keren Fulkner - Para-cycling Head of Performance Solutions at Cycling Australia.

With thanks to: Dr Corey Cunningham, Dr Rachel Harris & Dr Diana Robinson

Release date: 03 December 2020

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