Upper Limb Xray in Sports Imaging

As part one of our new Radiology collection of modules, ”Upper Limb Xray in Sports Imaging” is a comprehensive resource exploring the importance of plain films in the diagnosis and progression of upper limb injuries. As the first module in this series, radiographic technique and safety are discussed, along with when imaging should be performed.

The module examines imaging of the shoulder, elbow and wrist, the standard views required and how to recognise a poor-quality image. The range of special views that the Physician may choose to request are discussed, which should be based on the findings of an appropriate clinical examination.  

This excellent module includes reference to paediatric upper limb x-ray imaging, and is supported by a quiz, which should assist the learner to improve their ability to assess plain radiographs of the upper limb.

Written by: Dr Colin Chun Wai Chong with assistance from A/Prof John W Read.

Release date: 26 April 2024

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