Lifestyle Approaches to Prevent Falls, Sarcopenia and Fractures

As part of ACSEP’s 'Exercise as Medicine' portfolio of resources, we are proud to offer this excellent review of the evidence surrounding lifestyle management and prevention of sarcopaenia, osteopaenia and falls. These issues have a significant impact on quality of life for the ageing population, and a further significant impact on healthcare resources and economic costs.

This module explores the evidence base for exercise based programs to prevent and manage loss of bone mineral and muscle mass, improve mobility and hence quality of life. The value of supplements is considered along with nutritional practices to assist in slowing the age-related loss of lean muscle mass. A comprehensive practical component on exercise prescription will be useful to a range of healthcare practitioners from Sport and Exercise medicine physicians, Primary Care Physicians, and other specialist physicians through to a range of allied health professionals such as physiotherapist and exercise physiologists.

Written by: Prof Robin M. Daly & Dr David Humphries

Release date: 30 September 2020

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