The Female Athlete

Females share unique anatomy and physiology, with significant hormonal changes occurring throughout the life cycle. 

This module aims to improve your understanding of the pubertal changes during adolescence and impact of exercise on growth, reproductive health and maturation in female athletes. On conclusion of the module, it is hoped the learner will appreciate the physiological changes caused by the menstrual cycle, the types of dysfunctions that may occur, the short and long-term impacts of menstrual cycle disorders and the benefits of tracking individual menstrual cycles. Hormonal and non-hormonal contraception is discussed including the training and performance considerations for each.  

Pelvic floor anatomy and various dysfunctions are explained, including when pelvic floor issues may occur in the life cycle. Breast care and breast trauma are examined, along with the importance of advocating for preventative health practices across a range of issues including breast health and screening, nutrition, and vaccinations. 

Written by: Dr Rachel Harris

With thanks to: Dr Sharon Stay

Release date: 08 March 2024

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