This Sports Specific Module details the wide variety of disciplines that fall under the Paddlesports headline.

Using a wide variety of media, with multiple video demonstrations including white water kayaking, canoeing and ocean kayaking, the module explains the basic requirements, equipment required and technical skills for each discipline, and discusses risks of the sport, injury patterns and predisposing factors.  

The importance of appropriate equipment is emphasised in relation to injury patterns and the role of equipment and other factors in the prevention and management of injuries.  Information is provided regarding the structure of competition for various Paddlesports, along with the competition categories for Olympic and non-Olympic Paddlesports.

The SEM Academy team hope you enjoy this truly engaging and action-packed module.  Please note that Rowing is not included in this module; you will find a standalone module on Rowing in the Sports Specific Module category.

Written by: Dr Andrew Griffin

Release date: 15 March 2024

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