Motivational Interviewing and Behavioural Change

The SEM Academy is delighted to present a module with an entirely new focus, based on improving the practitioners skill in challenging a patients behaviour and encouraging motivation for that individual to change.

This module outlines the principles supporting behaviour change, such as the role of behaviour change, theory and models of change, aids to behaviour change conversations and resistance behaviours and ambivalence. The learner will understand behavioural change practices and begin their journey towards applying motivational interviewing techniques, whilst using empathic listening, and developing associated core skills in this patient centred approach. There is an additional focus on transition to planning for a patients’ behaviour change.

This module will pique your interest in Behavioural change methods and challenges, and assist you in the management of your patients, improve interactions in everyday practice and team meetings, and even in your personal relations.

We hope you enjoy this module as much as we did building it.

Written by: Dr Hamish Reid

With thanks to: Dr Diana Robinson

Release date: 26 April 2023

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