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Anti-Doping Processes and Results Management

Our brand new module, Anti-Doping Processes and Results Management, is our feature module this month! This 1.5 hour module created by Dr Susan White and Dr Diana Robinson will familiarise you with doping, prohibited substances, TUEs, and gender issues and doping. This module then looks at anti-doping processes and results management, some of the recent controversies and 'new ways to cheat' with doping in sport. Subscribers can access the module via the below button or by navigating to the 'Care of Athletes and Teams' eSeries within the Academy content library.


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Dr Diana Robinson

Dr Diana Robinson is an SEM Physician with a deep interest in all aspects of anti-doping and an ongoing involvement for over 20 years. She is currently a member of the International Testing Agency TUE committee, the FINA Doping Control Review Board and TUE Committee and was a member of the ADRVP for 8 years. ADRVP were an independent statutory body which reviewed and made recommendations on all Antidoping Rule Violations in Australia.

Dr Susan White

Dr Susan White is an SEM Physician an expert in the anti-doping field. She is the Chair of the Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee, a Member of the WADA TUE Expert Group and a Member of the National Sports Tribunal Selection Advisory Committee. Sue is also the Chief Medical Officer for the Victorian Institute of Sport and Netball Australia, and is an Honorary Fellow at Monash University.



Anna is a Rugby Player, hoping to qualify for the Olympic Games in June. You are the team doctor. Six months ago she underwent a left shoulder reconstruction, and is not happy with the speed of her recovery. During a routine consultation with you, she explains she has researched how to improve muscle bulk thoroughly and discusses the use of supplements for muscle building with you, including one which clearly has Nandrolone listed as an ingredient. After some discussion of the risks of the use of this specific supplement, she then suggests the use of Testopower Booster, an “anabolic support complex’, with “all-natural ingredients” which promotes “accelerated muscle growth”. She plans to purchase this supplement via the internet. You review the listed ingredients with Anna and discuss the possible options she is faced with.

Case written by Dr Diana Robinson.



WADA have released three new education resources for athletes and athlete support personnel. The resources provide information on the changes within the new World Anti-Doping Code.


Every month, Partnership for Clean Competition compile a selection of articles published in the last month that are relevant to clean sport.


The Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisation's latest podcast discusses the development of anti-doping and how science and education are the key to its future. 


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