Strength and Conditioning for Rehabilitation

The Strength and Conditioning for Rehabilitation module is a comprehensive educational resource which examines the appropriate components and phases of rehabilitation in the management of injuries. 

The principles of rehabilitation are explored and includes information on strength, power and endurance, the physiology of strength gains, and training for strength, power and endurance.

The methods and types of strength training are discussed along with the physiological differences between the genders.

Practical tips for the practitioner are included in the section, covering maintenance of aerobic capacity and endurance, along with the concept of loading without overloading an athlete during injury recovery. 

A detailed section on neuromuscular control, including adaptations of neuromuscular control, retraining neuromuscular control and neuromuscular considerations in return to sport, is an important and rapidly expanding area of knowledge.

Posture and alignment, along with proprioception and balance in the rehabilitation of injury in addition to the importance of breathing mechanics in core retraining is investigated and supported by recent published literature.

The module finishes with functional training and the return to sport, practical tips for neuromuscular retraining and cross training and is completed by two case histories to assist with the users reflection and formative assessment. 

Learners will find this module an excellent review of basic exercise physiology and the application of these principles to the rehabilitation of an athlete’s injury and their return to sport, with the opportunity to work through real- world scenarios.

Written by: Dr Brandi Cole & Dr Donald Kuah

With thanks to: Dr Diana Robinson

Release date: 16 June 2021

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